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Semi-Automatic Sealers for Uniform Cases

An economical top and bottom case taper with a small footprint for sealing large runs of uniform cases, or for those applications that require infrequent case size changes.
Uniform Legend
The state of the art top and bottom case taper for sealing boxes effortlessly from 2" to 34" in height. A folder/mailer option is also available. This unit incorporates a sealed drive, and internally mounted electrical systems.

This side belt driven tape sealer is recommended for dimensionally unstable boxes, lightweight boxes and boxes as narrow as 3-1/4". Can be used for setting up empty boxes with bottom tape only.
This extended side belt driven tape sealer propels cartons through a folding section, then folds all major flaps and one upper flap. Repetitive motion is reduced and productivity is increased with this innovative design.

Random Legend
Loveshaw once again has set the standard! The Random Legend has a single mast, enclosed head lifting cylinder, head raising air switch and comes standard with extended side rails, and a roller in-feed table with integrated roller switch to operate rails.
The Random Legend is the new standard!

Random Legend TB

The Random Top & Bottom (TB) is a semi-automatic case sealer that tapes the top and bottom of random-sized cases. It can seal up to 15 cases per minute, depending on operator speed. Plus it easily changes from sealing void/light boxes to overstuffed boxes with the flip of a switch. Additional safety features include a single enclosed mast for easy accessibility and a head that locks in place if air or power is removed.

24 hours/365 days per year reliability are what you can expect from this Heavy Duty fully automatic top and bottom case sealer for applications involving large runs of boxes. Box adjustments can be made in less than one minute. Plug -in operation, minimal operator training make this compact, 77" length sealer, an assembly line workhorse. Also available in Bottom belt and Side belt.

Allen Bradley PLC and Servo Controlled
7 Gauge Bolted and Welded Steel Frame
Category 3 fully Interlocking Safety Guarding
Head Limiter
10 Case Per Minute running Extreme Case Variances