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VersaJet Large Character Printer
Stainless steel controller drives up to six Large Character valve jet print heads. Character print height selection ranges from 3/8" to 2". Optional Windows based software available for networking convenience. RS232 interface is standard. 5-gallon non-toxic bulk ink supply minimizes supply changeovers. Enter up to 39 characters per message line with 166 memory storage locations available. Shift codes, time codes, product count, and expiration dating are all automatic.

Consider the benefits of Central Controlling!

MicroJet AC
The MicroJet AC prints alphanumeric characters on corrugated as well as on other porous materials and has a throw distance greater than high-resolution printers. This printer also offers print height flexibility that is unmatched in the industry.

The MicroJet AC privides up to 45 messages in a 1 to 5 line format with a total print height of 1.9" and a maximum single character height of .9".

Get millions of characters from a single bottle of ink.

MicroJet I
One line of 11/32" (5 x 5 dot matrix) high print. Ideal for product or date code identification on porous surfaces (i.e. corrugated containers).

MicroJet I Plus
One line of 3/8" - 2" (5 x 7 dot matrix) high print. Perfect for large characters on porous surfaces.
MicroJet II
One or two lines of 7/16" (5 x 5 dot matrix) high print. One line of 5/8" (5 x 7 dot matrix) high print. One line of 15/16" (5 x 11 dot matrix) high print. Perfect for porous printing jobs that require lots of information in a small amount of space.
MicroJet III
Same as the Multi II, plus an extra line of 7/16" (5 x 5 dot matrix) printed in any combination. Multiple fonts are what the Multi III is all about. Perfect for porous printing jobs that require three lines of print in a limited amount of space.
MicroJet III HC
Prints multiple lines and character heights up to nearly 2.5” high